New Publication: Global Perspectives on Legal History 6

July 07, 2016

The MPIeR is pleased to announce that the latest volume of the series "Global Perspectives on Legal History" has now been published:

Massimo Meccarelli, María Julia Solla Sastre (eds.): Spatial and Temporal Dimensions for Legal History. Research Experiences and Itineraries

The spatiotemporal conjunction is a fundamental aspect of the juridical reflection on the historicity of law. Despite the fact that it seems to represent an issue directly connected with the question of where legal history is heading today, it has still not been the object of a focused inquiry. Against this background, the book’s proposal consists in rethinking key confluences related to this problem in order to provide coordinates for a collective understanding and dialogue.

Alejandro Agüero | Javier Barrientos Grandon | Laura Beck Varela | Paolo Cappellini | Floriana Colao | Pietro Costa | Marta Lorente Sariñena | Massimo Meccarelli | Giacomo Pace Gravina | María Julia Solla Sastre

For more information about the volume which is available online in open access and as print-on-demand edition, please follow the link to the GPLH website in the right column or download the ePaper.

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