New at the institute: Sigfrido Ramírez Pérez

At the institute since February 15, 2016

March 04, 2016

Sigfrido M. Ramírez Pérez examines the long history of European integration and cooperation from legal-political and socio-economic perspectives. He will develop in this framework a research area dealing with the construction of European Union law as a specific legal order from the Treaty of Paris in 1951 onwards. He has a specific interest in the contribution of euro-lawyers, including legal services of international and European institutions such as the European Commission and specialized legal advisers for multinational firms and other social actors. As a specialist of business history, he will develop a project on the national and transnational actors behind the development of European competition law both at the EU level and in a comparative European perspective. He will use the automobile industry as one of the major entry points to the analysis of the legal dimensions of EU competition law in industrial sectors.

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