Law in Modernity

Research Field

The investigation of the structures, institutions and aporia of law in modernity represents a central research field within the department. Relevant research questions seek to address, on the one hand, the history of ideas tied to modern law since the early modern period as well as the genesis of fundamental concepts such as person, subjective right and autonomy. Part of the intellectual and practical genealogy of modernity is, on the other hand, the immanent critique of its institutions – a critique that has been exercised since their inception. The research offers numerous possibilities for taking up issues connected with the affirmative and critical aspects of modernity in law, such as within the framework of theories of private law, the law of media and consumer society, the law of digitisation as well as law within the anthropocene, in which conditions of resource scarcity are a fundamental feature.

Teaser image: CC-BY-SA 3.0 Oxfordian Kissuth

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