Dr. Philip Bajon

Affiliate Researcher

Main Focus

Philip Bajon’s more recent work looks at the law of EU institutions and at the constitutional practice in European law. In his first monograph, he examined how French President Charles de Gaulle challenged the process of European unification in the 1960s, and how this consolidated the Community in the long run. In his forthcoming second book, Philip analyses the rise of majority rule in the European federalising process, the resistance against this development, and the political controversies over voting and vetoing. Philip is interested in biographical research and oral history. Together with Stefan Vogenauer, he is the editor of a forthcoming volume on ‘Key Biographies in the Legal History of the European Union, 1950-93’. He is also a collaborator in the project ‘An Oral History of the European Court of Justice’. Furthermore, he is the managing editor of the forthcoming volume ‘methodica – European law’ in the series ‘methodica – Introductions to Research in Legal History’, published by De Gruyter.


Curriculum Vitae

Philip Bajon is an Associate Professor in Law at Aston University, United Kingdom. He teaches constitutional law, administrative law, European law, and political sciences. His research interests lie in the fields of constitutional history of the European Union, British and international public law, as well as the political history of western Europe.

Philip Bajon completed his undergraduate studies in Germany and France and obtained his French and German doctorates from the Université Paris-Sorbonne and the Universität Duisburg-Essen. Subsequently, he held lectureships and appointments at the European University Institute Florence, Italy, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He was also a visiting lecturer at the Japanese universities of Tokyo Todai, Keio, and Kobe. He joined the Frankfurt Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory in 2015.

Research Communication

Yearbook 2017 Decision-making cultures in the legal history of the European Union

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