Tramas Coloniais – A documentary podcast about the history of colonialism and its normativities in Africa

Research Project

‘Tramas Coloniais’ is a seven-episode Portuguese-language documentary podcast that delves into the intricate threads of colonialism in Africa, unraveling its diverse aspects, nuances and normativities. The project defines itself as a committed exploration of the intersections among methodologies in legal history, oral history and public history.

With on-site audio recordings sourced from various African countries, the podcast is characterised by a multidisciplinary team comprising scholars, journalists and audio editors. This team systematically investigates the potential applications of collaborative methodologies in the production of historical knowledge.

The stories presented in the episodes draw on historical sources reporting the individual and collective experiences of persons with varying degrees of involvement in colonial worlds. These narratives offer insights into the different facets of colonialism. Rather than presenting an abstract, chronological history of the normativities created by colonial domination, the podcast invites listeners to immerse themselves in everyday relationships, get acquainted with the people, spaces and languages of the colonial past.

This approach to the colonial past serves as the foundation for the podcast's objective of fostering identification and alterity with the audience. In other words, it aims to weave the threads connecting the colonial era to our present. Each episode delves into narratives that unveil diverse perspectives, providing insights into the legal intricacies of colonialism.

‘Tramas Coloniais’ combines excerpts and outcomes from investigations conducted within the  Research Group Mutual Dependencies and Normative Production in Africa. The podcast is scheduled for release in July 2024.

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