Hermann-Conring-Preis for Susanne K. Paas

September 07, 2022

Susanne K. Paas has been awarded the Hermann-Conring-Preis for her book Das bewegliche System. Zur Karriere einer juristischen Denkfigur (Mohr Siebeck, 2021). This study analyses the development of a central concept and method in German law, the ‘flexible system’, from its ‘discovery‘ by Walter Wilburg and its further development by Franz Bydlinski and Claus-Wilhelm Canaris to its manifold uses in German jurisprudence today.

The prize, which carries a 5000 Euro award, is offered by the Castor & Pollux Stiftung gGmbH and honours outstanding research in the field of legal history, legal philosophy and legal theory. It is named after the polymath Hermann Conring (1606–1681), who was not only one of the fathers of German legal history but also made significant contributions to political science and philosophy.

The award was presented at the 43rd Rechtshistorikertag, which this year took place in Zürich. Members of the mpilhlt participated in the conference in a variety of different roles. Thomas Duve moderated the international plenary lecture by Lauren Benton, who joined the conference online from New Haven to present her reflections on ‘Interpolity law through imperial eyes’. Another highlight of the conference was the panel discussion on ‘The future of the Rechtshistorikertag’, in which Marietta Auer took part. The next edition of the conference will be held in Frankfurt in 2024.

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