Main Focus

  • International and transnational law, transnational economic law, international environmental law, human rights, German constitutional and administrative law.
  • Legal theory: philosophical/sociological foundations of normative orders, critical and postcolonial approaches, legal challenges in Posthumanism, Anthropocene and in a society of artificial entities, new political economy of law.

Curriculum Vitae

Johan Horst studied law in Berlin, Paris and at Georgetown University, Washington D.C. (LL.M.). He worked as a researcher at the chair of Andreas Fischer-Lescano, completed his PhD (supervisors: Andreas Fischer-Lescano and Gunther Teubner) and headed the subproject Lex Financiaria in the ERC-project Transnational Force of Law at the Universität Bremen. Subsequently, he held a position as a post-doctoral researcher at the Integrated Research Institute "Law & Society" at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and is now a researcher at the MPI for legal history and legal theory.

Publications (among others)

  • Inequality, Law and Distribution in Transnational Financial Markets, in: European Journal of International Law, 33/1 (2022).
  • Recht und Umwelt zwischen Schutz und Gestaltung. Das Beispiel des Solar Radiation Managements, in: Mattfeldt, Anna; Schwegler, Carolin; Wanning, Berbeli (eds.), Natur, Umwelt, Nachhaltigkeit. Perspektiven auf Sprache, Diskurse und Kultur, De Gruyter, pp. 165– 193.
  • Transnationale Gewaltenteilung und Gewaltengliederung. Eine Gewaltenteilungslehre für die transnationale Konstellation, in: DÖV 2020, pp. 313-322.
  • Transnationale Rechtserzeugung. Elemente einer normativen Theorie der Lex Financiaria, Mohr-Siebeck 2019.
  • Gegenrechte. Recht jenseits des Subjekts (edited with Fischer-Lescano, Andreas/Franzki, Hannah), Mohr-Siebeck 2018.


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