Dr. Inge Van Hulle

Head of a Max Planck Research Group

Main Focus

  • History of empire and colonial law in Africa
  • History of international law in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries 
  • History of land rights, labour and use of force in the context of empire

Research Group

Curriculum Vitae

Inge Van Hulle was born in 1987 in Belgium. She studied history and law at KU Leuven in Belgium. From 2012 to 2016 she worked as a research assistant and PhD candidate under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Randall Lesaffer at KU Leuven. From 2016 to 2020 she was Assistant Professor of legal history at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, where she taught a wide variety of courses, such as history of international law, international legal history and history of empire. Since April 2021, she is head of the Max Planck Research Group  Legal Connectivities and Colonial Cultures in Africa at the Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory, Frankfurt am Main.’. She has published numerous articles and book chapters, including a recent monograph ‘Britain and international law in West Africa. The Practice of Empire’ (OUP, 2020).

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