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Contribution to a Collected edition (5)

Contribution to a Collected edition
Coffey, D.: 'The union makes us strong:' National Union of Railwaymen v. Sullivan and the demise of vocationalism in Ireland. In: Judges, politics and the Irish Constitution, pp. 182 - 199 (Eds. Cahillane, L.; Gallen, J.; Hickey, T.). Manchester University Press, Manchester (2017)
Contribution to a Collected edition
Coffey, D.: Commentary on North Western Health Board v HW and CW (the PKU case). In: Northern/Irish feminist judgments. Judges' troubles and the gendered politics of identity, pp. 395 - 402. Hart Publishing, Oxford (2017)

Book Review (7)

Book Review
Coffey, D.: [Review of: Constitution-making in Asia: Decolonisation and State-building in the Aftermath of the British Empire. Abingdon 2016]. Journal of Legal History 39 (2), pp. 221 - 223 (2018)
Book Review
Coffey, D.: [Review of: Aharon Barak: Human Dignity: The Constitutional Value and the Constitutional Right. Cambridge University Press, 2015]. Human Rights Law Review 16, pp. 175 - 176 (2016)
Book Review
Coffey, D.: [Review of: Helle Prosdam and Thomas Elholm (eds.), Dialogues on Justice: European Perspectives on Law and Humanities. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2012]. Nordicum-Mediterraneum 8 (1) (2013)
Book Review
Coffey, D.: [Review of: Origins of the Irish Constitution, 1928-1941, edited by Gerard Hogan. Royal Irish Academy 2012]. Dublin University Law Journal 35, pp. 330 - 332 (2012)
Book Review
Coffey, D.: [Review of: Eamonn G. Hall, The Superior Courts of Law: Official Law Reporting in Ireland, 1966-2006. Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland, 2007]. Dublin University Law Journal 31, pp. 475 - 477 (2009)
Book Review
Coffey, D.: [Review of: Eoin Carolan & Oran Doyle (eds), The Irish Constitution: Governance and Values. Dublin: Thomson Round Hall, 2008]. The Irish Jurist N.S. 43, pp. 135 - 137 (2008)
Book Review
Coffey, D.: [Review of: Keogh & McCarthy, The Making of the Irish Constitution 1937: Bunreacht na hÉireann. Mercier Press, 2007]. The Irish Jurist N.S. 42, pp. 136 - 137 (2007)

Newspaper Article (1)

Newspaper Article
Coffey, D.: Sensitive issue of judicial pensions requires calm discussion. The Irish Times (09.05.2011) (2011)

Blog Post (2)

Blog Post
Coffey, D.: Brexit and the Commonwealth: Lessons from Comparative Legal History [IACL-AIDC Blog (November 12, 2019)]. (2019)
Blog Post
Coffey, D.: Accidental Entrenchment and the Scottish Independence Bill? [U.K. Const. L. Blog (24th June 2014)]. (2014)

Other (1)

Coffey, D.: A ‘Yes’ vote on Oireachtas inquiries will bring us a vital democratic function [Column in:, Oct 23rd 2011], (2011)
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