Main Focus

Jan-Henrik Meyer’s research combines an interest in the history, politics and law of European integration with environmental history. His PhD on the European Public Sphere enquired into how citizens and the media viewed the emerging European Union, corroborated and challenged its legitimacy. In his postdoctoral research on the emergence of the EU’s environmental policy, he has examined the role of societal actors and international organisations, and the relations between nuclear energy and society in Europe in the course of a collaborative Horizon 2020 project. His current research traces the emergence of Environmental Law from its inception in the early 1970s until the 1990s.


Curriculum Vitae

Jan-Henrik Meyer read history, political science, sociology, and European Studies at Humboldt University Berlin, the LSE and Duke University. He completed his PhD in Modern History at Free University Berlin on “The European Public Sphere. Media and Transnational Communication in European Integration” (Franz Steiner publishers, Stuttgart). Meyer has taught and conducted research in history and interdisciplinary European Studies as a Marie-Curie-Fellow at the University of Portsmouth, as a postdoctoral fellow and Assistant Professor at Aarhus University. He was a Rachel Carson Fellow at the Rachel Carson Center at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, an Associate Professor at NTNU Trondheim and at the University of Copenhagen, where he was a principal investigator and work package manager of the Horizon 2020 project HoNESt – History of Nuclear Energy and Society. Since 2012, he is the convener (with Astrid M. Kirchhof) of the Berlin-Brandenburg Colloquium for Environmental History.

Recent Publications

Hasenöhrl, U.; Meyer, J.-H.: The Energy Challenge in Historical Perspective. Technology and Culture 61 (1), pp. 295 - 306 (2020)
Meyer, J.-H.: “Atomkraft – Nej tak”: How Denmark did not Introduce Commercial Nuclear Power Plants. In: Pathways into and out of Nuclear Power in Western Europe Austria, Denmark, Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, and Sweden, pp. 74 - 123 (Ed. Mignon Kirchhof, A.). Deutsches Museum, München (2019)
Meyer, J.-H.: Environmental Policy. In: The European Commission 1986-2000: History and Memories of an Institution, pp. 371 - 387 (Eds. Dujardin, V.; Bussière, É.; Ludlow, P.; Romero, F.; Schlenker, D. et al.). Amt für Veröffentlichungen der Europäischen Union, Luxemburg (2019)
Meyer, J.-H.; Kaijser, A. (Eds.): Special Issue: Siting Nuclear Installations at the Border. Brepols, Turnhout (2018), 173 pp.
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