Main Focus

Insa Jarass is a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute. Her main research interests are contract law theory, private international and civil procedural law and transnational private law.


Curriculum Vitae

Studied law in Bremen and Cambridge; 2012 First State Law Exam, Bremen; 2014 Master of Law, University of Cambridge; 2016 Doctoral Dissertation under Professor Gralf-Peter Calliess; 2018 Second State Law Exam, Frankfurt am Main.

2017 recipient of the Otto Hahn Medal awarded by the Max Planck Society; 2018 recipient of the Faculty Dissertation Prize, Law Faculty of the University of Bremen; 2019 recipient of the Bremen Study Prize; awarded undergraduate and post-graduate scholarships by the German National Academic Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Theo-Waigel scholarship.

2008–2012 student research assistant; 2012–2014 researcher at the German Research Foundation (DFG) collaborative research centre 'Transformations of the State' at the University of Bremen (Professor Gralf-Peter Calliess); 2013 guest researcher at the Institute of European and Comparative Law, University of Oxford (Chair Professor Vogenauer); 2015–2018 legal trainee at the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main; 2016–2018 researcher and since 2018 post-doctoral researcher at the Institute.

Publications (Selection)

Jarass, I. S.: Privates Einheitsrecht. Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen (2019), XXII, 290 pp.
Calliess, G.-P.; Jarass, I. S.: Private Uniform Law and Global Legal Pluralism. In: Oxford Handbook on Global Legal Pluralism, pp. 747 - 767 (Ed. Schiff Berman, P.). Oxford University Press, New York (2020)
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