Institutional cooperation with India in the field of legal history: opportunities, possibilities and risk

Research Project

The project traces the contours of legal history in India. The field of legal history in India constitutes scholarship, research and pedagogy developed by a diverse epistemic community including historians, practitioners, jurists and activists. This project will identify key actors engaged in knowledge production in legal history and examine the discipline's breadth, scope and caveats. In this way the project seeks to understand the developing field of legal history, what it incorporates and what it does not. The project seeks to understand if there is a common legal history culture in India and identify its diverse components, including institutions and actors. The project will actively create possibilities for the broad array of legal historians to exchange ideas and collaborate to theorise and define the field of legal history in India. Further the project will develop pathways for future doctoral and postdoctoral scholars to avail the resources of mpilhlt.

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