Unlocking China's Political Diversity

Research project translates and comments on contemporary Chinese texts

January 18, 2024

The attention on China and its political landscape steadily grows in the public discourses of Germany. While the viewpoints of the Chinese government are extensively articulated, the voices from academia and society often remain unheard.

The research project "China – Norms, Ideas, Practices", conducted by the Department Historical Regimes of Normativity (Thomas Duve) in collaboration with the Max Weber Foundation and the Werner Reimers Foundation, opens a window to this intellectual scene. The project translates selected texts by contemporary Chinese authors into German and publishes them with introductory comments.

The latest volume, now available in Open Access, is titled „Nachdenken über Tibet: Chinesische Ansichten zur Orientalismus-Debatte." The question of Tibet's belonging to the Chinese cultural sphere has long sparked debates. In this volume, the author Wang Hui not only discusses this question but also delves into chinas perspective on nation-states.

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