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In addition to individual lectures, the department regularly hosts seminars on the department's research topics.

Seminar Methods of Legal History
The seminar "Methods of Legal History" serves to discuss methods and practices of legal historical research. It is held in different languages and is open to MPI staff and guests. more
Uniuersalior cogniti orbis tabula ex recentibus confecta obseruationibus
This seminar has become a permanent forum for discussing research projects on the the legal history of not only the Iberian World but also Iberian Asia and Lusophone Africa. In addition to monthly research presentations and weekly meetings, we are exploring new discussion formats based on film screenings, lunch sessions, among others. more
Legal History Meets Digital Humanities
For several years at the Department Historical Regimes of Normativity, various research groups and personal research projects have been actively integrating the methods offered by the Digital Humanities into their theoretical research perspectives and activities. The permanent seminar Legal History Meets Digital Humanities intends to provide a space for discussion and in-depth analysis of the numerous themes, techniques and challenges Digital Humanities offers to historical research, in particular to legal history. more
The Glocalising Normativities Project Research Colloquium
The Research Colloquium offers a space to discuss current research. It is held monthly during the academic year. Researchers are invited to present their current work, followed by a discussion that will focus especially on the methods of global legal history. The Research Colloquium is open to the public. more
Rites Controversy: An Entangled History of Normativity Between the East and the West
Over the years, the department Historical Regimes of Normativitiy has developed various perspectives, methods, and themes regarding global legal history, and conducted glocalized case studies distributed across Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe. From this starting point, we seek to continue an ongoing dialogue on some intersecting global legal history topics (e.g., rites controversies) to transcend boundaries of our individual nations, epistemologies, and traditions, engaging in continual exchanges situated within entangled historical contexts and future expectations. more
Salamanca Colloquium
The colloquium of the Academy project "The School of Salamanca. A digital collection of sources and a dictionary of its juridical-political language" deals with the school as a phenomenon of global knowledge production, as well as with the conception of the dictionary to be compiled in the project and the challenges of a digital edition in the environment of the digital humanities community. more
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