What does ‘climate justice‘ mean?

August 09, 2022

When we think of justice, the question of equality arises almost immediately. However, particularly in the area of climate policy, the formula ‘just is what is equal’ falls short. In the context of the climate catastrophe, justice is individual, both for individuals and for different states. Why the comparison of key figures is thus not a suitable yardstick for climate justice was thus one of the topics discussed by Marietta Auer and others at the Convoco Forum on ‘Equality in an Unequal World’ in Salzburg

The entire panel discussion on ‘Neglected Dimensions of Inequality’ between Professors Peter M. Huber, Marietta Auer, Jörg Rocholl and Kai A. Konrad, which was moderated by Professor Wolfgang Schön, is available on YouTube:

Other issues addressed by the panellists included the relationship between freedom and inequality and the increase in equality rights obligations of individuals, the significance of tournament situations in our society, the relationship between justice and equality, and whether economics can find answers to climate change.



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