Polina Solonets


Main Focus

  • Digital humanities
  • Scholarly digital editions
  • Acquisition and modelling of data
  • Corpus linguistics approaches to data analysis


Legal History Meets Digital Humanities

Polina Solonets, Benedetta Albani, Christiane Birr, Manuela Bragagnolo, Karla Escobar, Anna Clara Lehmann Martins, Yohan Park, Andreas Wagner, Johanna Wolf, Alexandra Anokhina more

Curriculum Vitae

Polina Solonets has been collaborating on several projects at the Institute, facilitating the implementation of digital tools and methods. She is involved in the preparation of scholarly digital editions in the joint project 'The School of Salamanca' [link: https://www.lhlt.mpg.de/joint-project/the-school-of-salamanca] and the research project 'Non-State Law of the Economy' [link: https://www.lhlt.mpg.de/research-project/non-state-law-of-the-economy?c=2019245]. After studying linguistics and lexicography at the University of Minho (Portugal) and the Università Roma Tre (Italy), she acquired work experience in the context of internships at the Leibniz Institute for the German Language (Mannheim) and at the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage (Vienna). 


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