Melike Batgıray Abboud


Main Focus

  • History of political crimes and criminals
  • Condominium of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
  • History of crime and violence
  • Sharia and Mohammedan law
  • Perception of ‘political criminal’ and ‘self’ as a criminal
  • Comparative law



Curriculum Vitae

Since September 2021
PhD Student at the Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory.

2019 – 2021
PhD Student in History (Ottoman Studies) at Bilkent University, Turkey.
Focuses: late Ottoman history, banditry, order and Ottoman law, history of violation

2016 – 2019
MA in History (Ottoman Studies) at Bilkent University, Turkey.
Thesis Title: ‘Of disguise and provocation: the politics of clothing in the late Ottoman Empire, 1890-1910.’
Focuses: late Ottoman history, banditry, history of violation, history of 'self'

Research Project, TUBITAK, 2014
TUBITAK 2209 Domestic Research Project, ‘Caucasian Wind in 19th-century Anatolia –
Ankara Province Settlements’ Project (Research Grant)

Research Project, TUBITAK, 2011
TUBITAK Secondary Education Research Project, ‘Migrations from Caucasia and
Settlements in Biga Region’ Project (Project of the Year in History Award)

2011 – 2016
BA in History at Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey.
METU History Club, Chair (2014-2016)
METU History Club, Member of the Board (2013-2014)

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