Dr. André Luís Bezerra Ferreira


Research Group


Current Position

Postdoctoral researcher in the Global Legal History on the Ground Research Group, which is situated at the Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory.



PhD – Social History of the Amazon, Federal University of Pará, UFPA, Brazil.
Dissertation: ‘The memories of the “Sertões”: Captivity, Slavery and Freedom of Indigenous and Mestizo People in the Amazon (17th-18th century)’
(Dissertation Director: Dr Karl Heinz Arenz)


MA – Social History of the Amazon, Federal University of Pará, UFPA, Brazil.
Master Thesis: ‘In the Mesh of Freedoms: The Court of the Junta das Missões and the Government of the Indians in the Captaincy General of Maranhão (18th century)’
(Thesis Director: Dr Karl Heinz Arenz)


BA – Human Sciences - History Federal University of Maranhão, UFMA, Brazil
Bachelor’s Thesis: ‘The Companhia de Cachéu, Cape Verde and Maranhão on the Transatlantic Routes for African slaves (1670-1700)’
(BA Thesis Director: Dr Pollyanna Mendonça Muniz)

Fellowships and research positions

1 October 2021–30 March 2022

Research Fellowship: Heinz Heinen Kolleg Doctoral Fellowship, Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies (BCDSS), University of Bonn (Germany).

1 September 2020–30 August 2021

Research Fellowship: Mauritshuis Museum, The Hague, Netherlands    
Research Fellowship, Participant in the Project entitled: ‘Revisiting Dutch Brazil and Johann Maurits’  

1–30 November 2019

International Research Internship: University of Sevilla, Spain                        
International Internship at the University of Seville.

1 March 2019–30 December 2019

National Doctoral Internship: Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
National Internship at the Center for Research for the History of Slavery in the Atlantic World.


Published Books/Monographs

FERREIRA, André Luís Bezerra (2021). Injustos Cativeiros: os índios no Tribunal da Junta das Missões do Maranhão. [Unjust Captivities: Indians Before the Tribunal of the Junta das Missões do Maranhão] 1. ed. Belo Horizonte: Caravana Grupo Editorial, 2021. v. 1. 272p.

Articles published in Peer-Reviewed Academic Journals

FERREIRA, André Luís Bezerra (2019). “Modos de viver: a administração portuguesa e a legislação indigenista na Amazônia (1680-1757)”. [“Ways of Living: Portuguese Administration and Indigenous Legislation in the Amazon (1680-1757)”], Published in Habitus, v. 17, 2019, pp. 414–429.

FERREIRA, André Luís Bezerra (2018). “Mães das Liberdades: os processos de mulheres indígenas no tribunal da Junta das Missões na Capitania do Maranhão (1720-1757).” [“Mothers of Freedom: The processes of Indigenous Women in the Court of the Junta das Missões in the Captaincy General of Maranhão (1720-1757)”] Published in Fronteiras: Revista Catarinense de História, v. 31, 2018, pp. 69-85.

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

FERREIRA, André Luís Bezerra (2023). “The Uses and Management of Indigenous, Africans, and Mestizo Identities in the Legal Sphere in the Portuguese Amazon (18th century).” published in the Edited Volume: Elisabeth Heijmans, Sophie Rose. Diversity and Empires:Negotiating Plurality in European Imperial Projects from Early Modernity. London: Routledge, 2023, v. 1, p. 79-94.

FERREIRA, André Luís Bezerra (2022). “Crime, coerção e mobilidades: as mulheres nas rotas transamazônicas de indígenas no século XVIII”. [Crime, coercion and mobilities: women on the trans-Amazonian Indigenous routes in the 18th century], published in the Edited Volume:  José Subtil, Cláudia Atallah, Sarita Mota. Criminalidades, Direito e Justiça no Mundo Ibérico. Buenos Aires: Editorial Teseo, 2022.

FERREIRA, André Luís Bezerra (2021). “Liberdades mestiças: a coexistência de escravos indígenas, africanos e mestiços na Amazônia (século XVIII)”. [Mestizo freedoms: the coexistence of indigenous, African and mestizo slaves in the Amazon - 18th century]. published in the Edited Volume:  José Alves Sousa Júnior, Mundos do trabalho na Amazônia colonial, Editora Livraria da Física,  2021, v. 1, p. 135-149.

FERREIRA, André Luís Bezerra (2019). “Não sou escravo de nenhum senhor": os processos de liberdades indígenas na Amazônia colonial (primeira metade do século XVIII).”    [“I am not a Slave to any Lord": The Processes of Indigenous freedom Cases in the Colonial Amazon (first half of the eighteenth century).”] Caio Reis Veiga; Elias Abner Coelho Ferreira; Irana Bruna Calixto Lisboa; Jessica Maria de Queiroz Costa; Sara Concepción Chena Centurión. (Org.). História Indígena e do Indigenismo na Amazônia II. 1ed.São Carlos: Pedro e João Editores, v. 1, 2019, pp. 9-17.

Honours and awards


International Young Investigator Award (Portugal)
Portuguese Association of Economic and Social History (Faro, Portugal)
Awarded for the conference paper: ‘Mestizo freedoms: the coexistence of indigenous and African slavery in the Amazon (18th century)’


Best Thesis Award; 1st Place
IV Annual Monograph Prize, GEIA Festival of Literature, Instituto GEIA 
Awarded for the thesis: ‘The Companhia de Cachéu, Cape Verde and Maranhão on the Transatlantic Routes for African slaves (1670-1700)’


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