Constructing International Law.
The Birth of a Discipline

Edited by Luigi Nuzzo and Miloš Vec

Studien zur europäischen Rechtsgeschichte 273
Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann 2012. XVI, 545 S.

ISSN: 1610-6040
ISBN: 978-3-465-04167-2

The contributions of this volume discuss concepts, notions, and transitions of nineteenth century international law. More specifically the questions focus on: On which premises was the juridical discipline constructed, what were the relations to other juridical, and non-juridical fields of knowledge? How did European nineteenth century international lawyers build a new legal science to be spread worldwide?
  • L. Nuzzo, M. Vec: The Birth of International Law as a Legal Discipline in the 19th Century 
  • M. Koskenniemi: Ius Gentium and the Birth of Modernity 
  • L. Nuzzo: History, Science and Christianity. International Law and Savigny’s Paradigm 
  • C. Storti: Empirismo e scienza. Il crocevia del diritto internazionale nella prima metà dell’Ottocento 
  • L. Lacchè: Monuments of International law: Albericus Gentilis and Hugo Grotius in constructing a discipline (1875–1886) 
  • M. Vec: Principles in 19th century International Law doctrine 
  • A. Carty: Did International Law really become a Science at the End of the 19th Century? 
  • M. Schulz: "Defenders of the Right"? Diplomatic Practice and International Law in the 19th Century: An Historian’s Perspective 
  • E. Augusti: L’intervento europeo in Oriente nel XIX secolo: storia contesa di un istituto controverso 
  • H. Harata: L’exterritorialité, la juridiction consulaire et le droit international privé: une réflexion sur le droit international privé à la fin de XIXème siècle. Une critique du mythe de l’origine remontant à Savigny au Japon 
  • M. Craven: The Invention of a Tradition. Westlake, the Berlin Conference and the Historicisation of International Law 
  • B. Durand: Colonisation et impératifs internationaux ou Pourquoi et comment l’international a bridé la souveraineté coloniale? 
  • S. Legarre: Police and Police Power. Domestic and International Law at the Crossroads 
  • F. Salerno: Genesis and Different Meanings of the Notion of ‘Organ’ in Italian International Legal Theory 
  • R. Kubben: Completing an Unfinished Jigsaw Puzzle. Cornelis van Vollenhoven and the Study of International Law 
  • L. Passero: Guerra e diritto. Dalle convenzione di Ginevra alla ‘morte’ del diritto internazionale nella prima guerra civile europea.
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