Visiting researchers on Legal Historiography

4. August 2017

The third guest workshop was held on July 21st. All three panels were engaging, lively and well-attended. The speakers did an excellent job of relating their projects to the workshop theme and the research field of legal historiography. The first session involved presentations by Álvaro Caso Bello and Michele McArdle Stephens. Douglas Osler and Stefan Cristian Ionescu led the discussion of Maciej Mikuła and Jānis Lazdiņš’s papers in the second panel by raising questions about methodology and source bias. The final session, which consisted of presentations by Omer Aloni and Jonathan Rose, pulled together the conversations and issues raised earlier in the day. James Gordley contributed to the discussion by fielding questions about palaeography, manuscript sources, and archives.

For more details on the panel's topics and the workshop program, please follow the link to the workshop announcement in the right column.

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