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Aydin, M. B.: Beyond the Sharia and Codified Law Dichotomy. From the Late Ḥanafi Tradition to Mecelle [Review of: Samy A. Ayoub: Law, Empire, and the Sultan. Ottoman Imperial Authority and Late Ḥanafi Jurisprudence. New York: Oxford University Press 2020]. Rechtsgeschichte - Legal History Rg 29, S. 361 - 363 (2021)
Aydin, M. B.: Legal Receptions, Legal Academia and Islamic Legal Thinking in 19th- and 20th-century Egypt [Review of: Leonard Wood, Islamic Legal Revival: Reception of European Law and Transformations in Islamic Legal Thought in Egypt, 1875–1952, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2016]. Rechtsgeschichte - Legal History Rg 26, S. 457 - 459 (2018)
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