Austauschprozesse zwischen italienischer und deutscher Rechtswissenschaft im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert (Norberto Bobbio’s und Rudolf von Jhering)


The main aim of the project consists of a reconstruction of some entanglements between Italian and German legal scholarship in the 19th and 20th centuries. The correspondence between Friedrich Carl von Savigny and Federico Sclopis, preserved in the Academy of Sciences, Turin, is now printed in Germany and in Italy. Also the book “Norberto Bobbio – una biografia culturale” was published in 2018; the Spanish and Portuguiese translations are now under preparation. The manuscript of my next book – “Tre costituzioni pacifiste. Il rifiuto della guerra nelle costituzioni di Giappone, Italia e Germania” - is already termined and should be printed soon. The second volume of Rudolph von Jhering’s “Der Zweck im Recht”, (aprox. 600 pages) with the Nino Aragno Publishig House, which already published my translation of the first volume, is being worked on next.

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