Movie Time: legal historical reflections from the ‘Global South‘

  • Datum: 13.09.2023
  • Uhrzeit: 17:00 - 19:00
  • Ort: Turmcarrée
  • Gastgeber: Karla Luzmer Escobar Hernández, María del Pilar Mejía Quiroga, Raquel Razente Sirotti
  • Kontakt:
Movie Time: legal historical reflections from the ‘Global South‘

On September 13th at 5:00 PM, we will start our film series on the so-called 'Global South.' The first film to open the series is 'Agarrando Pueblo' (1977), directed by the renowned Colombian filmmakers Luis Ospina and Carlos Mayolo.

This Latin American documentary cinema gem critically addresses the complex relationship between media, poverty, and exploitation in Colombia. Through a bold and thought-provoking lens, 'Agarrando Pueblo' invites us to reflect on the ethics and responsibility of media in portraying intricate social realities, while also raising an analysis of the relations between the Global South and North. Following the screening, we will begin a collective reflection workshop moderated by our institute's researchers, Karla Escobar, and Pilar Mejía.

Don't miss out on the first film of 'Movie Time,' where we will explore the connections between cinema, legal history, and the realities of the Global South. We look forward to sharing this enriching cinematic experience with you and delving into a discussion that will undoubtedly leave us with new perspectives.

The screening will take place at Turmcarrée. You can register here.

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