Main Focus

  • Social anthropological analyses of legal practice
  • Women's and feminist studies
  • History of Colonialism

Research Group


Curriculum Vitae

PhD Candidate in Law at the Catholic University of Louvain, Division ‘For Roman Law and Legal History’.

MRes in Social Anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.
Thesis title: Gendering knowledge: an ethnographic case study of the Iya Oba in Southwestern Nigeria.

MA in African Studies at University of Ghent, Belgium.
Thesis Title: Writing women back into history – an anthropological perspective on endogenous and exogenous factors of medicinal and female powers in Busiya chiefdom (Tanzania).

Fieldwork project in Shinyanga, Northern Tanzania, with VLIR-UOS Travel Grant.

BA in African Languages and Cultures with a minor in Globalisation and Diversity at University of Ghent, Belgium.
Thesis title: Positionality and the debate about the impact of colonialism on gender among the Yoruba – a contextual analysis of Oyewumi’s The Invention of Women.

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