Neue Publikation: Global Perspectives on Legal History 4

27. Januar 2016

Das MPIeR freut sich, dass soeben der neueste Band der Reihe "Global Perspectives on Legal History" erschienen ist:

Osvaldo Moutin: Legislar en la América hispánica en la temprana edad moderna. Procesos y características de la producción de los Decretos del Tercer Concilio Provincial Mexicano (1585)

The decrees of the Third Mexican Provincial Council, celebrated in 1585, had an important impact on the organization of the colonial Church and Spanish-American society, from the time they were published in 1622 until the nineteenth century. This research focuses on how the decrees were drafted, taking into consideration the working materials used in the conciliar meeting room by the bishops and their assistants, and thus highlighting the intentions of the conciliar fathers in their new and original elaboration of both Canon Law and Derecho Indiano.

Für weiterführende Informationen zum diesem Band, der online als Open Access- sowie als Print-on-demand-Edition erhältlich ist, folgen Sie bitte dem rechts stehenden Link zur GPLH-Webseite oder laden Sie den ePaper herunter.

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