Open House at Max Planck Law

Explore Legal Resarch Opportunities

8. April 2024

Max Planck Law is a network of nine Max Planck Institutes across Germany, dedicated to a wide array of legal research from the anthropology of law to tax law. On May 7 at 4 pm, it will host an Open House event online, designed for early career researchers in law. This 45-minute session will provide an opportunity for participants to engage with one another, share ideas, and pose questions in a professional environment.

The initiative is part of Max Planck Law's commitment to advancing knowledge through comparative, interdisciplinary, and transnational research. PhD students and postdoctoral researchers joining the network can expect a range of benefits, including no tuition fees and fully-funded positions for a minimum of three years.

Interested individuals are encouraged to register for the Open House by visiting here.

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