Teaching Legal History


Given the constantly evolving methods in education, new developments in technology, and the fluctuating needs of society, how we approach teaching legal subjects, including legal history, is also changing. Virtual teaching via digital platforms has become a part of our daily lives. Legal history speaks to a diverse audience, and that audience has a variety of interests when it comes to legal history. To create a wider space to think about law and legal history requires the adaptation of both teaching methods and content.

Teaching Legal History is a project creating new channels and methods of discussing and teaching legal history. This includes developing online methods, digital tools, and media platforms in order to communicate legal history to a broader audience. Moreover, the project conceptualizes teaching modules in line with the needs of specific audiences. Both the teaching method and content will be redesigned within the context of this project. The aim of this project is to develop a broader understanding of the law through the interaction of legal historians and various audiences interested in legal history.

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