A Transnational Legal History Workshop

30. September 2021

The current pandemic has encouraged many to experiment with new formats for research and teaching. In our own contribution to the trend, the Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory and the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University, in cooperation with the Faculty of Law at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, will be hosting an online Transnational Legal History Workshop this coming semester.

Participants will discuss pre-circulated legal history papers that go beyond national framings, with authors hailing from institutions around the world. A sample of authors and topics:

  • James Whitman, "From Masters of Slaves to Lords of Lands: Imagining Ownership in the Western World"
  • Doreen Lustig, "Towards a Grassroots History of International Law"
  • Tamara Morsel-Eisenberg, "Rabbinic Responsa and Legal Communication"
  • Paul du Plessis, "The Limits of Legal History"
  • Elisabetta Fiocchi, "Transnational Entanglements in Land Law and Land Registration in the 19th Century"
  • Heikki Pihlajamäki, "Transnational Elements in Colonial Laws: Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands"

The workshop will meet online Tuesdays at 7 pm Frankfurt time from mid-October to mid-January (with a break for Christmas/New Years).

Participation in the workshop is open to all interested scholars, junior and senior alike. Students may be able to receive academic credit through Tel Aviv University.

For more information and to register participation, please contact mpitauwkshp@gmail.com.

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