CfA Administory Vol. 7

Administrative Culture(s) of International Organizations

August 17, 2021

Volume 7 of ADMINISTORY, the Open Access online journal on the history of state and administration, will be dedicated to ‘Administrative Culture(s) of International Organisations’. International organisations (IOs) have received considerable attention in recent years as platforms for the circulation of knowledge, models and practices of governance between nation states. However, staffed by actors trained in different legal systems, administrative decision-making processes and routines, they are themselves the products of knowledge transfers and cooperation (as well as conflict). We invite contributions that investigate the role of intergovernmental, supranational, economic or financial, or (internationally operating) non‑governmental organisations in the circulation of knowledge and/or examine changes, continuities and ruptures in organisational culture during the 19th and 20th centuries. Particularly welcome are contributions that go beyond the ‘Global North’ and examine the role of actors from or of IOs established in the ‘Global South’.

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