Dr. Adolfo Giuliani


Main Focus

I am primarily interested in legal history and legal theory. My research in legal history focuses on late-medieval and early-modern European continental law, with particular reference to judicial reasoning, and I have written on presumption, interpretation, judicial discretion, multinormativity and other topics. My interest in legal theory is primarily directed at the 20th-century philosophical concern with judge made law, from the Freirechtsschule to the various versions of anti-formalism from the 1930s –1960s.


Curriculum Vitae

Before coming to Frankfurt (2020) I was at the Centre of Excellence in Law, University of Helsinki, Finland as Marie-Curie research fellow.

I earned a PhD from Cambridge University with a dissertation on legal history (2007). My background is in law (Italian laurea cum laude, 1998) and political theory/intellectual history (MSc LSE 2000 and MPhil Cambridge 2001). I also received a PhD in EU private law (Macerata 2014).


In 2017 Adolfo was granted a Marie Curie Fellowship (191.325 euro) for a two-year research that received the outstanding assessment of 96.60% (the threshold being 70.00%).

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