Workshop: Work and family in a society of orders


  • Start: Jun 8, 2017
  • End: Jun 9, 2017
  • Organisation: Laila Scheuch, Audrey Dauchy
  • Location: MPIeR
Workshop: Work and Family in a Society of Orders

The workshop offers a forum for young researchers with backgrounds in history or legal history to present their research about the relationships, mutual influences and contradictory trends between work and family from the High Middle Ages to the end of the Early Modern Period (ca. 1100-1815), and to discuss it in German or French in an interdisciplinary dialogue. The three core topics – the negotiation of norms, the question of integration or marginalisation, and the professional possibilities of women – allow an investigation of the relationships between work and family from the innovative perspective of social and cultural diversity.

Event for the formation of networks supported by the Deutsch-Französische Hochschule/Université franco-allemande.

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