Die deutschen Königspfalzen

Band 5: Bayern; Teilband 3: Bayerisch-Schwaben

Herausgegeben von Caspar Ehlers, Helmut Flachenecker, Bernd Päffgen und Rudolf Schieffer

Die deutschen Königspfalzen 5.3
Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 2016. XXXVIII, 286 S.

ISBN 978-3-525-36523-6

After a longer period of preparation, the current volume, volume 5.3 of the series “Deutschen Königspfalzen” (German Royal Palaces), has been completed, and the work on the location of the royal residencies in the Free State of Bavaria in cooperation with the “Bavarian Commission for Regional History” is already underway at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences. The five-volume Survey of the German Royal Palaces, published by the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History, documents the royal residencies in Old Bavaria, Franconia and Bavarian Swabia in several volumes. Although the latter is the region with the fewest residencies of the current federal states, it does boast Augsburg, one of the spiritual and worldly centers since the Roman period. The authors of the respective articles on the various sites and places, Rolf Kießling, Thomas M. Krüger, Christof Paulus, Wilfried Sponsel und Wolfgang Wüst, treat the activities of the East Frankish travelling kingship in the areas Augsburg, Donauwörth, Günzburg, Hohenaltheim, Holzkirchen, Memmingen and Mering, as well as Zusmarshausen according to a uniform procedure. This work includes the written sources as well as the relevant archeological and art-historical evidence. The result is a compendium meant not only for experts that deals with the monarchial activities in the South-Western administrative district of Bavaria from the perspectives of imperial and regional history as well as cultural-science.

Table of Contents

Vorwort von Caspar Ehlers und Ferdinad Kramer | VII

Einleitung von Thomas Zotz | IX

Bearbeitungsschemata | XIII

Hinweise zur Benutzung des Repertoriums | XX

Abkürzungsverzeichnisse | XXII

Augsburg (B) von Christof Paulus | 1
Donauwörth (A) von Thomas M. Krüger | 165
Günzburg (B) von Wolfgang Wüst | 194
Hohenaltheim (A) von Wilfried Sponsel | 208
Holzkirchen (B) von Wilfried Sponsel | 218
Memmingen (A) von Rolf Kießling | 224
Mering (A) von Christof Paulus | 239
Zusmarshausen (B) von Wolfgang Wüst | 248

Abbildungsverzeichnis | 260

Register von Katharina Kemmer | 263

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